Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend Report!

As I expressed earlier the week, Halloween is something that I look forward to each year. This year was no exception! Some might say that I in fact spent too much time on Halloween this year, but I’ll let you be the boss!

It all started off with one reallllly boring math class when I decided to doodle rather than “follow along”… IMG_0446I got this idea that I could have fun with a Halloween Cake. So I put some lead to the paper and took a stab at what I might be able to create. I am aware that the sketch work needs some work, but bear with me.

It started with Purple cake, orange buttercream, and a lot of improvisation!

IMG_0447 IMG_0449 IMG_0453 

Eventually it all started to come together!

IMG_0955 1024 x 682 IMG_1052 1024 x 682

IMG_1028 1024 x 682IMG_1057 1024 x 682


Unfortunately, everyone at the party liked the look of the cake so much that they really didn’t want to eat it. I had to cut it up and force feed our guests… eventually they stopped me, I wasn’t allowed to cut any further into the cake...

In other Halloween news, My Costume that was PROMISED delivery on Thursday NEVER ARRIVED. Friday morning after 23 minutes on hold, I was informed that it was “Out of Stock”. Well Sheeeet. What now? I guess I’m heading to the Fabric store.


Costume construction started late Friday night and carried it’s way into Saturday. Unfortunately I was so consumed with “Project Costume” I didn’t take pictures along the way. So you’ll have to settle for just a picture of the final project…. Ta Da…IMG_0478

I’m a cupcake! The only problem was some Halloween goers wanted to try my frosting…IMG_0481

This was problematic!

Then I was chased down by Luigi…Cupcake

Finally we went out on the town.

IMG_0493 IMG_0535 IMG_0548
IMG_0549 IMG_0496 Redneck Wedding

These were some of my favorites for the night!

Eventually we had to head home because we had an early start in the morning! The Marine Corps Marathon of course! As a fellow runner, I must got out to cheer!


Finally, after a long day I headed home in anticipation of LOTS of Trick-or-Treaters!…sadly, we only had one visitor. But she was a cutie!Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

IMG_0893A 1024 x 620

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Hilarity!

Nothing really makes me more happy than the weeks leading up to Halloween. Seeing decorations in neighbors windows showcasing their little one’s art projects, community Halloween parades, don’t forget the candy, and even more so, I LOVE LOVE LOVE carving pumpkins.


(My Very First Halloween… not my very first intro to sweets!)

Now, don’t get too excited, Pumpkin carving will come later the week, but for now I have to focus on something that is dear to my heart! Most people in my life are all too aware that I take my costumes very seriously!! I’ve spent weeks and even months debating, researching, and concocting the perfect costume!


Here I present to you the beginnings of my costume fascination. I’m the little Jack-O-Lantern with the wig. Out of respect for my siblings I won’t name names on the rest of the crew!! Below I finally grew into the Dracula!

100_3065My mom was the super seamstress when we were kids sewing up all of our costumes and my dad was the highly revered Halloween Make-Up Artist, and thus both have inspired me to follow suit when I moved away!

By now you are probably thinking “Stop reminiscing and get to the point”, so I will. As I began my costume research this year, I started noticing some disturbing costume trends. Granted I know that part of Halloween is to be a little disturbing, but what I am about to showcase to you is a parental trend that is both wildly disturbing… and a whole lot of hilarious!!! I would also like to take this moment to thank my fantastic parents for being normal!!


I present to you my TOP 10 PICKS for the WORST thing you can do to your child on Halloween…

# 10 really

(No Comment)

#9 my cow

(I would like to highlight the “Utter System”)

#8 lobstercostume

(where’s the butter sauce?)

#7 baby-fire-breathing-dragon-costume

(Baby with Heart Burn)

#6 turk babe

(I find this one hard with Thanks Giving around the corner…)

#5 taco baby

(Really folks, a Taco?)

#4 Filet O'Baby

(Gimme back that Filet O Fish…)

#3 cheerio-baby-costume

(ummm sir, you have some Cheerios on your face)

#2 baby-lobster (This kid will never eat shell fish)

#1 scary-costume (I have no comment…)

Well I hope I have managed to entertain some of you during your workday. Please please send me a link to any Halloween pictures you feel should have graced the Halloween Hilarity charts, there just might be some amendments made after the Marine Corps Marathon.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Quacky Day…

Two weeks ago The Boss and I were hanging out and shooting the breeze at our neighborhood “Rally in the Alley”, this is a Friday gathering of folks in our neighborhood alleyway where we BYOB and depending on the current sporting season someone brings a TV. In our time there one of the guys who lives next door was telling me the latest news story about his baby girl and the goofy things that babies do. He was super stoked because they were currently planning her 1st birthday party, and wanted us to come. Of course we would be there… but I’m not one to show up empty handed. So casually I prodded him about his daughters favorite colors or if there was a theme to the party. Of course there was a theme….

swimmer duck

This little girl LOVES LOVES LOVES her rubbery ducky! Apparently her first word was “Dad-da” and shortly behind came “Guck-ey” Yes… Ducky. Granted I’ve never made ducky cupcakes before or even attempted a three dimensional animal cake before, but hey, there is no time like the present. Since my favorite animal cupcake creation was by far my Bride and Grooms I thought I should take the cue from those small birds and go for an army of Rubber Ducks. Then I got the fever to go bigger… so I did.

IMG_0541 1024 x 682

I started by baking two big circle cakes along with a half dozen cupcakes. While those puppies were cooling off I started in with the key element to a super cute duck… it’s beak! (and maybe some feet).

IMG_0448 1024 x 682

The give away in the picture is the orange starburst wrapper in the backdrop. The beaks and webbed feet are “tempered starburst”. Ha ha okay okay, that really just means that I microwaved the starburst and then tortured my poor fingers by molding the really hot sugars! Then why the doughnut holes? Well they are going to be the ducky’s head, and I needed to make sure the beaks were in proportion to the heads.

IMG_0451 1024 x 682

So I frost the cupcake, stick on the head (beak not included) and then the questionable tail…

IMG_0449 1024 x 682

Doesn’t look much like a duck yet huh?

So I ended up with a bunch of duck options, and my only registered voter in the house at the time was the Boss, so he got to decide what “style” duck to go with.

IMG_0453 1024 x 682

Our choices here are:

1) Duck with sprinkles

2) Plain frosting duck

3) Duck with tail

4) Duck without tail

Mix these choices together and there is a pretty good combination to choose from. Ultimately we decided that the Duck with tail actually looked too much like a real bird, like Jay or Chickadee. If you could picture the bird in red it could actually be a Cardinal. And the sprinkles really made the cupcake more finished…


So here we have the first picture of the crew. Now granted we know that in any mix of people there will always be “one strange duck” and here there is no exception…

IMG_0456 1024 x 682IMG_0486 1024 x 682

Doesn’t feel good to get laughed at does it Mr. Duck? As my Mom always used to tell me, “Don’t worry Bert, their day will come”.

So from here I moved on to the bigger task of the day… One Giant Duck. (Not to be confused with one giant sneaker!)

IMG_0490 1024 x 682IMG_0495 1024 x 682IMG_0500 1024 x 682IMG_0502 1024 x 682IMG_0508 1024 x 682

I’d like to answer YES to some questions that I heard the crowd mumble upon their downward scroll…

YES, that is my laptop AND rubber duck in the back round as my reference guide.


YES I did use straws instead of cake doweling, one it is more cost effective, and to be honest people are a lot less freaked out by everyday straws being used than finding wooden poles in their cakes!

Then came the tempered starburst torture again…

 IMG_0523 1024 x 682IMG_0524 1024 x 682IMG_0526 1024 x 682IMG_0529 1024 x 682

You can see that the beak actually carried some weight, so when the cake started to crack (see pic above) around the mouth I had to bring in the reinforcements! (that would be the green and orange straws going trough the chest to the lower jaw of the Duck!!

IMG_0535 1024 x 682

… once you got him all dressed up, there was no evidence of the neck brace!

IMG_0536 1024 x 682


Finally I finished up the entire duck with frosting to spare! Then put all the little ducklings on board and we had a finished birthday cake surprise!

IMG_0568 1024 x 682

Last couple touch ups and….

IMG_0550 1024 x 682IMG_0552 1024 x 682

A Quack-tastic finish!

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