Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Vintage Anniversary Cake

Well it has been a seriously busy summer, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to make as many cakes as I had hoped. As busy as I may have been, there was however, one cake that has been on my calendar all summer; a cake I was not going to miss out on!

IMG_3656Adding to the craziness of the summer, The Boss and I will have attended 5 weddings! This past weekend was no exception. We had a wedding on The Boss’s side, and we knew we’d be attending this one since the spring. What was nice about the date of this wedding weekend was that it also coordinated with The Boss’s parents anniversary! I knew I would have to take the opportunity to surprise my new “In-Laws” (wow, weird to say that) with a special anniversary cake.

A few weeks ago, through a very sly e-mail, The Boss casually reminisced with his mom over the weddings so far this year and poked the question “What were your wedding colors anyways?”. I knew I wanted to make a very ivory/ antique like cake for his parents, but I also wanted a little pop of color- ideally their wedding colors. When the answer came back “there was blue involved”, I knew I had a winner and I was going to incorporate a lot of faded blue and silver colors in with the ivory. In the end I was really pleased with how the different shades played off against each other, I think I achieved a really vintage style with this cake.




All of the buttons were hand painted, and the center tier had an impression rolled into it that accented and coordinated with the detailing that was in the boarder that encircled each tier of the cake.IMG_3625


The above picture shows the impression of the middle tier and the impression detail on the boarder. What you will also notice is that the bottom tier was an octagon, and in an attempt to showcase the symmetrical design of the cake, there was one cameo button placed on each “flat” of the octagon all the way around the bottom tier of the cake.

The cake stood 10’’ tall and was a perfect fit as my carry on luggage (in a cake box of course!). It fit snuggly under the seat in front of me. Other than a few raised eyebrows while going through the security scanner/ x-ray monitor at Regan National Airport, the cake traveled really well! The Boss’s parents were really surprised and everyone seemed to think it was cool!


Hopefully you like the cake too! If you have any cake themes, ideas, or challenges that you would like to throw my way I’d love to hear from you. Hope everyone had a great long weekend… is it Friday yet?

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