Why the Bakery?


Hi, and thanks for taking a peek at the inspiration behind my Bertie’s Bakery Blog! My name is Bobbie, and I am a young cake artist and baker who loves to design contemporary cakes and quirky desserts for those who want a sweet treat. My whole life I’ve dreamed of having my own bakery, “Bertie’s Bakery”. The Bakery would be a place where people can feel at home while simply sliding onto a comfy couch and having a great treat.

Why the name? Well, growing up my Mom always called me Bertie (short for my “real” and never used legal name, well, only used if I’m in trouble…). Throughout the years, friends have overheard my mom use the nickname and misunderstood it for Birdy, like Tweety-Bird. They assumed I got the name because of my vertically-challenged stature, and continued to call me Bird and Birdy. Since I grew up spending many hours in the kitchen with my mom (I mostly ate the cupcake batters while she baked), it’s my little way of always keeping her in my kitchen! And that is how and why a bird has landed it’s way into Bertie’s Bakery!

While I am currently working my tail off to make the Bertie’s Bakery an actuality, I’ll use this little “blog” on the internet as a substitute for now, like a stepping stone to a grand opening one day.

WHy the Bakery PicAlong with baking, I am also an avid runner and triathlete who has a knack for arts and crafts and a love for travel. When the bakery gets up and going I would like it to have a boutique feel. The walls will be adorned by many cool things such as photography, charming bits of crafts and artwork, and even samples of my latest sewing adventure. For this reason I have created the “The Bird House” button. Here I’ll keep you posted on my latest DIY projects, travel, and regular happenings in the life of the wannabe bakery owner!

WHy the Bakery Pic-2And lastly, I would like to say “Hi” and a big thanks to my Hubby, who is my taste tester, cookie monster, partner in crime, travel agent, and most importantly my biggest supporter! Without him, there would be no “Bertie’s” … Blog or future store front bakery!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings enough to stick around and read my latest adventure. There is definitely more to life than cupcakes, but they sure taste good!

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering a cake or cookies, you can contact me at: Bobbie@BertiesBakery.com

Thanks for stopping in!

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