Monday, October 24, 2011

Triathlon Baby Shower Giraffe Cake

A month or two ago, two local triathlete ladies contacted me and inquired about the possibility of a “Triathlon themed Baby Shower cake” for their friend. How could I resist?


The expecting couple had declined the knowledge of the baby’s gender, so obviously I didn’t know if I should go pink or blue, and that is where the idea of a plush toy came in. I did know from the beginning that the two parents are triathletes and that would be a critical idea to tie into the cake. I really wanted to pull in a lot of detail about what “gear” triathletes tend to race with, along with keeping the fun and playful aspects of a child’s plush toy.

The Gear:


(race bib with Baby’s due date)


(Baby “booties”? These are racing Baby Flats!)


(Baby hydration bottles attached via race belt)

Plush details:


(Tail is held on by a button)


(Baby giraffe’s have Mohawks!)



  And your 360ยบ view:

IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3845 IMG_3847
I have to say, whether this Baby is a boy or girl it’s going to be well prepared for it’s first race day! Good luck to parents to be!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Moose Have Cookie!

I’ve taken a little flack lately. “What have you been doing?”, “Why haven’t you posted in a while?”, and a few others related questions. Well I’ve been busy on a few projects, cookie projects to be exact!


Recently I traveled to Kananaskis, Alberta where every single store I entered sold some sort of Moose paraphernalia. It wasn’t enough to sell a simple T-shirt with a cute moose on it, but they had to add a all sorts of moose captions as well; for example:Moosey Eatermoose hug

And thus you see how I came up with my very clever title!  All that mooseing around got me to thinking. “I need to make a moose cookie for my Dad!”. The Boss and I were heading to my home to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving and I wanted to bring something home to my family that was both relevant to my family and that highlighted some of the fun new things I’ve been experimenting with for the bakery! Here’s what they got!

IMG_2181IMG_2200In return, some members of the family thought it would be fun to “animate” my Moose! Thus what follows is the story of the moose, as told in pictures by my family!



We had a great time at home for Thanksgiving, and the moose helped himself to the pie!  If only he had cleaned up after himself too..

Thanks for reading.

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