Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bertie’s Cake and Cupcake Portfolio

I have created a page of simply pictures of my bakery creations. Pictures come with a link that will bring you to the write up on that creation, just click on the one that your like! I might not write up a long blog post for every novelty cake or flavor that I construct, so this is just an easy way for you to browse for ideas. If you do have any questions on techniques, flavors, or recipes feel free to e-mail or leave a comment. Thanks for stopping in!
  Fondant Cakes  
Cowboy 1st Birthday Berties_New Years Eve Cake Triathlon Giraffe Cake
Tuxedo Groom's Cake (1) Diet Coke Birthday Cake1 Purple Zebra Cake
Vintage Anniversary Cake Purse Cake Camera Cake
Tiffany Cake Box Mother Goose Halloween Cake
NCACS Division Win Welcome Baby St. Patty's Day (6)
Buttercream Cakes
Birthday cake Strawberry Layer Cake Communion Cake1
Chuck and Friends Cake tri birthday quack
Cupcake Creations
bride groom bride&groom
strawberry shortcake blueberry Chocolate
pistachio cupcake fruit filled cupcake Triple chocolate
penguins2 ducks Turkey Name card
Red Velvet Bertie's Hard Lemonaide Cupcakes Cherry Blossom Cupcakes
Peanut Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes Cherry Blossom Cupcakes
Ray Cupcake photo 3 Candy Cane Cupcake
Halloween Cupcake    
Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats IMG_8365 IMG_7333
IMG_7576 Holy Cannoli Moose Cookies
IMG_9932 Gingerbread Christmas Tree-3 Peanut Butter Fudge
Carmel Popcorn Bite Size Cheese Cake Christmas Shortbread Cookies
Chocolate Cups Cheesecake pots business cookies
DC Rainmaker Cookies    

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