Sunday, March 14, 2010

My 1st time… at the Magnolia Bakery

Some of you might be unaware that this heavenly bakery exists in NYC, but some of you might be very, painfully,  belly achingly aware of the Magnolia Bakery. I have been in love with baking for many many years, and cupcakes have been the front runner of my ambitions! One quick trip to the Big Apple, and my love for the kitchen was further intensified.

 IMGP9613 Deliciousness from Magnolia Bakery!!

This bakery is open until midnight on the weekends because it sells thousands of cupcakes a day along with other incredible decadents. We visited the bakery on two different days just to experience the crowds at different times. Well there was no difference between 11:00pm at night and 11:00am! Lines upon lines waiting to get their taste of the famous desserts.

Now I have had the latest edition of the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook since the summer, but since I have been so pleased with my own cupcake recipes I have only dabbled with their “other” desserts. Upon return to my home kitchen I felt it was time to break open the cupcake recipes!!! Mmmmm did they ever turn out delicious!


My rendition of the “Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake” 

Well that is it from my bakery for now. Be safe and eat cake!


Regina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Magnolia is THE cupcake capitol of NYC. Their red velvet cupcakes are the yummiest. Thankfully I don't live too close to one of their bakeries.....or my tri days would be over!

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