Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Trip to Home Depot!

After 1 year and 8 months, The Boss and I are going to be sharing mailing addresses! Since I’ve basically lived at his place for the last year, we’ve decided that it only makes sense to make it official. So I’ll permanently move my junk over in a month or so when the lease it up… but before that can happen, we need to make some more space! Doing this will involve BOLT CUTTERS!

home_depot 800 x 600

Side note: The conversation that took place that spurred the “let’s move in together” started when of a mean neighbor at my apartment complex taped a really obnoxious note to my car. The neighbor was cursing at me for taking a parking space when in their mind “I didn’t even LIVE there”. Our Conversation went a little like this:

Me: “Read this note some jerk pasted to my car. They didn’t recognize my vehicle, so they assumed that I don’t live at the apartments”.

The Boss: “But you don’t don’t live there anymore.”

Me:”What? I do live there. I pay rent each month!”

The Boss: “Yeah, but you don’t actually live there”

Me: “$850 a month says I LIVE THERE! and I don’t officially live here?!?!”

The Boss “I kinda forget that you have another apartment since you’re always over here. Sorry… do you want to live here?”

Annnd that is as romantic as it gets in these parts folks! Back to “Making space”.

IMGP0258 450 x 600 Original state of the closet

IMG_0049 800 x 600Everything OUT of closet!… “Keepers”.

IMG_0064 450 x 600 Garbage from closet…Destination Garbage!

Of course you have to get everything out the closet before you can build anything good inside of the closet!

photo 800 x 600 IMG_0060 450 x 600 IMG_0062 450 x 600

Then it takes a little bit of elbow grease and teamwork to make it all come together in the end!

IMG_0063 800 x 600


IMG_0059 450 x 600

And the finished product!

I know that about now you are awing in my success with this closet. But before we get too far gone in day dreaming about the ease of “spring cleaning”, let me show you a little bit of the back work that went into clearing out stuffy debris that has been brewing for, I’d say, about 6 YEARS! Do you know what builds up over six years? let me show you:

IMG_0067 450 x 600The Boss… not too enthused about getting sucked into my Spring Project!

IMGP0285 450 x 600 IMGP0286 800 x 600

Off to the Recycling Center!

After a long day of hard work, we did something that we haven’t done for years (we actually both did the math…it’s been 6+ years)

IMGP0289 800 x 600

Yes we did!…


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