Friday, September 3, 2010

So, it's been a while!

You know how the saying goes, "it went by in a flash" or, "the past few months have been a blur"?? Well that is only the truth for my life since May! Many fun, exciting, stressful, and life changing events have come and gone since then, and I'm going to take a moment to try to catch you up on them as quickly as the days have passed!


Since I really cannot remember the dates (or possibly months) of this past summer, please forgive if the order of events is a little mixed up! Back in May, The Boss and I took another Road trip up to New York City!!! No matter how many trips to NYC, I am still fascinated with the place. Anyways we went up there to accomplish two things, first to watch the Red Bull Air Races.

IMG_8089-5 800 x 533

IMG_8064-4 800 x 465

This was so worth the effort! We had a blast, up close and personal with the planes. It was actually like going to a "prestigious" NASCAR event!!

And the second main reason for us to go back to the City, of course, was so I could continue my "studies" in baked goods!...

cupcake research

To be honest these were not the greatest cupcakes that I have had to date… but you know, you have to know what tastes bad to know what tastes good!

Then at some point we took off with our good friend Burce (the pilot) to head down to Florida to watch one of the last Shuttle Launches for the space program! I'm still really bummed to think that my kids (theoretically speaking) will not grow up with the fascination with "going to space" or one day being an astronaut. I swear it was all the way up until 11th grade, when I was struggling endlessly with physics, that I whole heartily believed I was going to be an Astronaut!!!


After the day at the shuttle launch, I had a little surprised planned for The Boss. You have to understand that this guys has done pretty much every cool thing there is to do in life like: travel world wide, shark diving, fly on the concord, eat at 5 star restaurants, become an Ironman... you name it!!! But one thing that he had not done that I had access to was Skydiving!!! What better way to surprise someone and say "I love you" than to throw them out of an air plane!?!?



He had no idea that it was coming until our good friend Bruce landed the plane at a small airport in Zeferhills, FL "looking for a part" for his plane!!!! 15 minutes later we had him strapped in and ready to fly!! And I’ll give him credit, he was a trooper!


Some where in that mass of travel, I managed to keep up the training efforts and managed to pull off a pretty good third race of the season in Virginia Beach.

At this point in the season, I was still testing out different pre-race and in-race nutrition options. Up until this point my stomach was having a super hard time keeping fluids and gels down while racing; in fact until this race I had never EVER completed a race without completely tossing ALL cookies, or having a stitch come on so strong that it resulted in me being bent at the waist 90 degrees! As you can imagine this is a frustrating situation to deal with...

IMG_1093 800 x 533 IMG_1270 400 x 600

But not today... today no stomach issues! I'm not sure if I was more excited about having won the battle with the stomach or having my first ever "Overall Female" podium finish!! Either way, it was a good day.


I think we’re into July now, where I had another race on the Calendar. The Colonial Beach Pohankia YMCA Olympic Triathlon! I thought that for a smaller YMCA race, that this event was really really well done. I would absolutely put this back on the calendar for next season. A short drive from the Washington, D.C. area, with a warm water swim, great entry fee, Tee-shirt, socks, and friendly race organizers! And 1st place in my Age group!

IMG_8652 800 x 533

IMG_8913 800 x 533

IMG_8987 800 x 533 IMG_9024 800 x 533

Also in our jammed packed summer we made a quick trip to Niagara Falls… I had never been, and quite frankly it was something that needed to be seen! So we hopped up there for a day to meet the Maid in the Mist!

IMG_9065 800 x 533 IMG_9075 800 x 533

Then it was back to NYC! The Boss had his big “A” race for the season, and I was put on the “official cheering and picture taker squad”!



Now I think the rest of July was pretty uneventful… and with that, I am cutting off my Summer in Review rant! August had some pretty wild stuff happen, so I’m saving that for another day! Until then, I’ll leave you with a picture preview of my upcoming cupcake post! Mmmmm!



Christi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, you had a busy and great summer! I love all the pics but the last one is the best. That cupcake looks so yummy!

Regina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know exactly when you watched the Red Bull flyover thing, June 18th. I was on Governor's Island with my son and we were watching from there. (unless of course they had it more than once)

And July 18th for the NYC Tri, since I did it as well.

I am dying to know where that cupcake cart is!! Although, since I live here, it may be too tempting to know.

Great recap! Except you forgot one very important event...(tapping fingers and waiting for you to remember).......hello? engagement? I'd say that warrants space in this post, no? ha!

CoachLiz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yahoo! You are back to posting. My son and I watched the Red Bull racing on the television. Pretty cool stuff. I am glad that I am not the only one disappointed with some of the cupcakes that are out there in the world being sold for $3.25 to $5.00 a piece. A new local bakery sent me home with 4 of their new cupcakes to review the frosting and the cupcake! I felt like I had won the lottery.

Congratulations on your race wins and not tossing your cookies. Love the Bike Austin shirt. I will have to find me one of those.

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