Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun Run in Bangkok

After having traveled for the last 5 days I was starting to fee a little antsy, and really needed to get some exercise. I really don’t know how inactive people do it, I cannot maintain any state of normalcy without exercise; crankiness, sleeplessness, and zero appetite started kicking in about 24hours ago. Granted, I have done many many miles of walking over the past few days, but that just isn’t enough. So what’s a girl to do for a exercise in the busy city of Bangkok??

… well there are lots of things really!


The Fan

2. Sword

The Sword

3.  IMGP3712


4. IMGP3717

The Moon Walk

5. IMGP3730

The Recumbent Bicycle

6. IMGP3722

Pump some Iron

or simply…


Just go for a run. Which I did! 7 miles in the sweltering heat and humidity of Bangkok, to which I must say, the air quality was a little painful.

It was just down from our hotel that there was a really great community park, “Lumpini Park” IMGP3710

So I picked a route and just kept on like Forest Gump.

Although really hot and humid, it was a beautiful day and I found myself totally decompressing, day dreaming, and pondering the worlds wonders (otherwise known as my next cupcake creation). Just a word of warning, daydreaming even while in a enclosed park area can lead to big trouble!


I found myself in the middle of the road,  face to face with this guy. Now don’t let the picture fool you, the Lizzardy Thing was massive. From Nose to tail I am sure this guy was 4 feet long! YIKES!

With a little help from a kind old lady (who was practicing her Tai Chi) we stared him down and he left! Lizzard2

This was an important lesson learned for what is known as an “Oh $hit” Moment! Always be aware of what is lurking!

Because of this particular situation, I feel now is an appropriate time to talk about the one symbol that is universal to all runners as “Thank GOD”… BathroomEven in as far away as Thailand, the symbol does not change. I have also learned from my travels that although this symbol is a sign from the heavens, the inside might not be as much of a luxury as you had hoped, and therefore you should always bring a little tissue with you when you ”go”.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventure. Next stop New Delhi!


CoachLiz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That lizard is huge! Is it a komodo dragon or some other strange big lizard? Also, in the bathroom, was it a series of holes in the floor that were set down in a troth? Interesting.

pwsamco said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Nice photos. Seems you really enjoyed the fun run activity. :D

Danialjohn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

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