Sunday, May 2, 2010

“Absolutely the Best Cookies he’s ever had!!”

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a cupcake drought. Instead, I’ve been exploring another facet of bakery options… Cookies!

IMG_1477 800 x 533 Delicious, Tasty, …Mmmmm

The last batch of cookies, although creative, were awful! Then, I toyed around this this recipe from Pioneer Women. Although they were good, they weren’t really really knock your socks off great. Side note: I don’t feel bad about saying this because most EVERYTHING this lady creates in the kitchen is fabulous!!

Anyways, like the saying goes “Third time’s the charm”. With a few tweaks of the PW’s recipe and a few additions… I created what The Boss said to be “possibly the best cookie that he has ever had”! While you might think “but he said Possibly”, I did give him immediate grief about his initial wording and then he retracted his words to rephrase with “Absolutely the best cookies he’s ever had!”

Since one day I hope to make the bakery a reality, I’m afraid to actually give away the recipe to my new creation!... Nobody will come to my shop! So the recipe will remain classified… in the mean time I will taunt you with the steps!

IMG_1427 800 x 533 The Gang

IMG_1430 800 x 533 Please folks… use REAL vanilla and Real Butter!

IMG_1442 800 x 533 IMG_1444 800 x 533 IMG_1445 800 x 533

My step by step, 1 handed egg break!

I would love to insert here, that if you DO NOT know how to break an egg with one hand, it is SO worth the time and $ (what… like $2) to buy a carton of eggs and just practice! Or if you get stuck with those last few eggs in the crate that have expired…PRACTICE! You feel like a rock star in the kitchen if your friends are around and you casually are in mid conversation using one hand for gestures and the other hand is cracking eggs!

IMG_1449 800 x 533

Oh yeah!

Sorry… back to the cookies!

IMG_1437 800 x 533

Get everything good and fluffy.

IMG_1458 800 x 533

Here, I like to add the rest of the gang to the batter by simply adding the “dry ingredients” to the top of the fluff! I know that recipes often call to “mix dry ingredients in separate bowl; set aside”, but from my experience behind the mixer I can tell you that carefully plopping it on top of the creamed batter and then mixing it without drawing in the bottom parts, works just fine!

IMG_1460 800 x 533

Mix it up, add plastic wrap, and refrigerate!

IMG_1469 800 x 533

30 minutes later, scoop and platter…. Mmmm Try not to eat too much of the batter!

IMG_1471 800 x 533

These bad boys didn’t last long around our parts, and hopefully they won’t last long at the shop either!

Thanks all for now! I have to go find some milk for my cookie!


Caspar said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That's exactly my problem, once I have put everything on the baking tray I have already eaten so much of the batter that there is not much left to bake!

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