Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Momma said There Would be Days Like THIS!

You know it’s one thing to say “I’ve had a bad day” and it’s another thing to REALLY experience a BAD DAY! And although the Boss might argue differently, I’m not one to complain about too much (excluding out of control high school students, sore muscles, and getting a flat tire on a long training ride!). But I am going to take a moment to challenge you to “beat” my bad day experience on this lovely Friday afternoon!

For the record this is what I have looked like for most of the day today!:

SadBunny (Sad Bunny = ME)

So for the information of the “non-teachers” out there, this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I teach at a fairly rough school, one of the more lower performing schools in the area – and sometimes the ‘teacher appreciation’ part isn’t quite visible. Now, I’m not complaining about this, just simply putting into perspective that it’s a rough day-to-day situation that can have very inspiring success stories paired with some very sad and frustrating situations. So now that it is “appreciation week” I decided that come Friday I would “appreciate” a day off! A personal day! A STRESS FREE day, whereby I can rest up and mentally prepare for my race this weekend (That would be Knoxville Rev3!!) Well that went to sheeeeet in about the first 5 minutes of my Friday.

It started off with an elaborate fight with the manager at a certain spa were I had booked my very first massage for Friday at 3:00! I had planned to sleep in, run a few errands, swim, and then head off to a good ol’ rub, followed by a whole lotta nothing! Unfortunately things did not go as planned! *Sad Bunny*

I receive a phone call on Friday morning from the “said Spa” informing me that I missed my appointment YESTERDAY and because the masseuse needed to be paid I was being charge IN FULL for the massage!?!?! At this point I actually laughed a little and told the lady that this was a mistake, I’m a school teacher and I would never have booked an appointment for that time because I would still have been TEACHING students at that time! A long story short I eventually had the manager on the phone who “assured me that the receptionist has worked there for a long time and she doesn’t make mistakes…” this continued for an extended period of time whereby he was refusing to do anything for me because I was wrong and I DID in fact book the appointment for Thursday BUT he’d be willing to compromise and only charge me 50% of the appointment since I’m a new costumer and they wanted to try to accommodate me! Eventually I told him that I was going to the Better Business Bureau and I needed to talk to the General Manager! I also inserted that I knew that he had a boss above him since he was clearly not capable of running a business with such poor understanding of how to treat costumers and maintain costumer satisfaction. I was then put on hold… (this story is To Be Continued)

From here I stormed out of my house to another Rite Aide to get my passport picture taken. My passport does not expire until DECEMBER but apparently you can’t travel anywhere cool if there is less than 6 months left on your passport? Well Rite Aide took a look at my passport “requirements” as they are deemed by O’Canada. Well here in America the standard is 2”x2” where as Canada is 2”x2 3/4” BIG DIFFERENCE! So the lady at the counter says “yes we can do that here” and proceeds to take my picture. I pay for the pictures and wait for them to process. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS? yeah the pics were 2”x2”… unacceptable for what I needed. So I told the lady:

ME: “these pictures are 2”x2” and they are not what I need.”

Lady: “Oh”

Me: “well what can we do about that?”

Lady: “Do you want me to take another picture?”

Me: “Are you going to change the size?”

Lady: “No”

Me: “What?”

Lady: “That is what the camera does, just 2”x2””

Me: “Well I showed you exactly what I needed, I gave you the specs that I printed out from the passport website and you said that you could do it”

Lady: “Oh, well do you want me to take another picture?”

Me: “Why would I want another Picture? No, I just want my money back”

Lady: “Well I’ve already given you the pictures”

….at this point I was SO “perturbed” (and that’s scaled down a notch!) by the way I have been treated so far that day that I actually snatched the pictures out of the lady’s hand and stormed out of the store!

“Breathe” was all I could think, “just breathe”. So I left Rite Aide and headed for the highway. Going south to my favorite store of all…. Michaels! I was signing up for the class I have waited ALL spring to take!

Untitled I have waited and waited for so long to take this class, but I had been really busy for the last few months with Coaching at the high school, my own training, and my LAST set of grad school classes!! finally MAY is here and I can sign up!!… well I guess everyone else and their neighbor had the same idea because the class was SOLD OUT! OVER BOOKED! DO NOT ADMIT MORE STUDENTS!!!

Me: “What? WHY? HOW? Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge” (except that last word wasn’t really fudge)

Me: “Fine, I’ll do it in June. It’s okay!”

Michaels Lady: “I’m sorry, I guess everyone is gearing up for summer BBQ’s and fun parties”

Me: “Hey, where are my keys?”

I’ll cut to the chase on this one… they were locked in my car! After muttering a few more bouts of “fudge”, crying on the phone with The Boss, then crying in person with The Boss (he came to pick me up to go to our swim workout), and then after a few loooong minutes of feeling bad for myself, I semi-pull myself together enough to get in the pool for a workout.

After the pool The Boss informs me that he’s booked another massage for me (at a different location!… I know, what a guy!!) so we went a picked up the spare key for my car and he sent me on my way to “try” to relax after such a ridiculous day!…

I went to my hour long appointment of “rub, rub, ewwww-ahhhhh, yep that’s the spot”…..life isn’t that bad after all. Well until I got back into my car, pulled out of the parking lot only to get rear-ended at the intersection!?!?! WTF…

And that’s that folks… “I had a bad day”.


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