Monday, August 22, 2011

Holy Cannoli

This weekend was actually the first weekend home for both the Boss and I where by we were BOTH actually home! It was really nice to finally have a weekend with the both of us around and back to the good ol’ days! What do I mean by the good ol’ days? Well for the first 2 years of our relationship we pretty much showed off our skillz to each other in the kitchen, and most weekends resulted in enormous culinary displays on the dinner table. So this weekend we were up to our old tricks!


It was an Italian themed night, so I figured cannoli's were the way to go! The delicious display that you see above is a citrus and vanilla cookie shell with a lemon crème filling. The cookie shell is not as crunchy as your traditional shell, but me thinks was still lip smacking worthy!

So I started with making the shell. Nothing too scientific there (Yes, the recipe is at the bottom).  IMG_2473IMG_2493

Once all of the ingredients are mixed until smooth, you have to spoon 1Tbsp of batter onto parchment paper and spread into approximately 4 inch circles (remember the bigger the circle the more filling! So don’t skimp on your 1tbsp!)


Depending on your choice of parchment paper (ahem, I was all out and had to use “dry wax paper”… so a little Pam made my life much easier! Go ahead, use a little, little spray). Next time I’m going to try out my silicone mats… haven’t found anything that sticks to them yet!)

Set the oven to 375, and ONLY cook one sheet of cookies at a time. You will not have enough time to roll the cookies into cannoli tubes if there are more than 4; once they start to cool you’re cooked! The cookies will crack and will not allow you to roll them. This would also be a good time to mention to have 4 1-inch round dowels or tubes to roll the cookies onto BEFORE you even put the cookies into the oven. You do not have time to waste looking for something to roll the cookies on once the wheels are in motion!

Cookies should bake for 7-8 minutes. Remove once golden around edges.


I may or may not have decided that cannoli was what I wanted to make without thinking about what to roll the cookie shell onto. Thus why you see above mini bottles of Jameson Whiskey and sprinkles! Hey, they both worked out! What would you use in a pinch?


Once the shells are cooled, remove the whiskey bottles and let set on a wire rack.


Unfortunately, I somehow missed getting pictures of both me filling the shells with the cream filling and us demolishing them post dinner! Sorry, but I’ll give you the recipe now so you can make your own!



4 Tbsp butter- room temp

1/3C Sugar

2lrg Egg Whites- room temp

1/2C Flour

1/2tsp orange zest

1/4tsp Vanilla

1/4tsp salt

1) Cream the butter and sugar

2) Add the egg whites until mixed

3) Add remaining ingredients until batter is smooth

4) Spread 4 1-tbsp measurements of batter onto parchment paper lined cooking sheets. Spread evenly to cover 4 inch circles.

5) This recipe makes 12 cookie shells. The Filling only makes enough for 8. This is a safe guard incase you have “issues” with your first batch of shells!



1C Mascarpone (8oz) room temp

1C Heavy Cream

1/3C sugar

1/2tsp vanilla

1/4tsp Lemon Extract


Using standing mixer and wisk attachment to beat until stiff peaks form.

***Cookie shells and filling can be stored in air tight container (filling needs to be refrigerated) for up to 2 days.



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