Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Freebie!

This is the first installment of Friday Freebies, and it came after a long debate! The Boss and I have very different interpretations on what a “Freebie” is, and therefore it is highly possible that you and I could also have a different understanding. So I hear by declare this explanation as how its going to work for Bertie’s Bakery Freebies!

*I consider the Freebie Friday section a place where people can come to download or copy something useful for FREE, or, sign up for something and receive it in the mail for FREE.

*Freebies are guaranteed, and again… FREE! Therefore you don’t have to do one of those internet scavenger hunts, in-depth linking festivals, or forced comment to get what you came for. Just take it and run :)

*I will try my very very best to make these interesting and useful! However, since they are free, please don’t yell too loudly at me if you don’t like. Pretty please.

Okay, there’s the explanation, and without further ado, here are the goods!


What is that you say? Free Cupcakes? No… but a free template to print to make your very own cupcake wrappers! I have made my own cupcake wrappers on several batches of cupcakes lately, and with such great feedback I thought this was the perfect project to start off the Freebies!


Let us start with WHY would a person go through the effort of making their own cupcake wrapper? Well I think it’s quite obvious (as per the photo above). I have spent more ol’ time and money searching for the “perfect” cupcake wrapper for a specific occasion and then after the cupcake is baked you can’t see the color or pattern anymore!!

CustomWrappers IMG_3408

So for my last two batches of cupcakes I decided I had had enough and I was taking charge of the wrapper design! Now you can too!


Above is the PDF template that you can download, print, and cut out; just click the picture! This allows you to have a pattern to trace onto a card stock or design paper of your choice! Here are the easy steps to go with!

1) First step is to trace! IMG_3942

Trace out the template on to the back of your printed images of colored cardstock.

***Tip: if you are trying to fit 5 wrappers onto one page, start tracing from the top down. It is okay to slightly overlap the very bottom edges to make it all fit because the bottoms will be folded under later!

2) Then Cut!IMG_3944

IMG_3946 IMG_3947

As a time saver, carefully cut out the same sides of each wrapper and the top edge! Then you will stack them together so the top and (one) side match up perfectly. Now you can cut 3-5 wrappers at one time!

3) Snip some more. IMG_3953 Still holding your wrappers 3-5 thick, go ahead and make slits on the bottom half of the wrapper so you can seamlessly fold the bottom in! (Exact slit markings are on the template)

4) Fit wrapper to the cupcake.
IMG_3955 IMG_3956

Now wrap your paper wrapper around the base of the cupcake, tape it in place and fold in the individual pieces on the bottom!

5) Take lots of pictures of your creation!!  CustomWrapper

That’s all! Four very quick and easy steps! It will take you more time to pick out the perfect cardstock a Michaels than it will to make these!

Well that’s all for this Freebie Friday! Now get away from your computer and go bake some pretty cupcakes!!

********House Keeping Note********

The winner of the SmartBar giveaway was lucky commenter #21:

Random Winner

WInnerWinnerUnfortunately “gajkelley” doesn’t have an e-mail address attached to their Blogger profile. If this is you “gajkelley” shoot me an e-mail with your info and you’ll be enjoying a fresh batch of SmartBars next week!

Happy Friday!


Alli said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What else would a freebie be? Ray is silly :)Your example of the wrapper disappearing was shocking to me. I think this is a fantastic first freebie friday! (hooray alliteration)

Marina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for visiting me today. Wow, you have a lovely place here, and sweet too!

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow! You're stuff is incredible.

Robin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Glad I found you. Great .. Inforfmative Site!

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