Friday, March 16, 2012

Cake Show & Running Recap

You might remember from last year the Triathlon Cake that I entered into the National Capital Area Cake Show. It was a pretty big hit in the triathlon world, and continues to round up comments even a year later.

Triathlon Cake: Swim Start3

Well, now that it is a year later that means it’s once again time for the cake show! Yup, I’m all signed up and working hard on several entries! Hence why posting has been so light this week!

Unfortunately I am not signed up for the cupcake challenge this year. Even though I was runner up last year with my “Bertie’s Hard Lemonade”, I decided I have too much going on that weekend, and there comes a point you can only juggle so many items. Currently I am juggling a “Tiered Novelty Cake”, “Wedding Cake”, and (drum roll please) A set of 6 “Decorated Cookies”. Yes, you counted correctly, that is three entries into the cake show competition.

On a totally different note, I would like to say good luck to all the runners in this weekend’s National Half and Full Marathon (now called the DC Rock and Roll Marathon)! I ran this race last year and really enjoyed it (well minus the fact I was just recovering from Whooping Cough and the surprise hills that The Boss failed to mention during training).


Pictured above I am forcing a smile after falling just short of the goal. I finished with a 6:55 overall pace, and total time of 1:30:38.I was bummed after the race, but eventually found satisfaction in the performance considering my health leading up to the race. I bet if you had asked me after this race if I’d ever run a marathon I would have told you no! Oh my, how things change within a year!

I hope to bring you some updates on training here sooner or later. I’m just finishing up my physical therapy for my recent knee injury, and am finally back to running. I managed a few 8 mile Z2 runs last week, and next week I’m hoping to kick in a few intensity/mile repeat workouts. Maybe then I’ll be able to get some running races on my calendar for the year. I’m not sure if triathlon will be happening this summer :( I’ll explain why and save the results of my MRI for for another post soon, I don’t want my Friday post to get long winded!

Happy Friday, and have a great St. Patty’s weekend! Like I always said to my high school students… Be safe!  :)



Alli said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

No triathlons? Definitely going to need to hear about that. It's really funny b/c I wrote you an email prior to reading this, and my email pretty much reflects everything in this post! Too weird :)

Canterbury Cakes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Just catching up on my blog reading as I have been seriously lacking in time of late. Wow you've been busy too! I can't wait to see your entries in the cake show.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

just saw your triathlon winning cake .... omg, your attention to detail is amazing. hats off!
i'm SO looking forward to this year's entry :) good luck!

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